Black Star Global Corporation

Phoenix Processing & Manufacturing Corporation                            7310 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI

Black Star Global Collaboration Corporation and Phoenix Processing Manufacturing Corporation operates a processing and manufacturing facility in the City of Detroit. Always adhering to the MWIA (Michigan Waste Industries Association) guidelines to research and support innovative technologies that protect Michigan residents and the states rich environmental heritage. 

Each year there are 299 million scrap tires discarded in the United States. Approximately 40 million scrap tires end up in landfills or in illegal scrap tire piles. Scrap tires can threaten not only our environment but the public health of Michigan residents. Run-off from scrap tire fires can contaminate groundwater and surface water. Scrap tire sites are an ideal habitat for the breeding of mosquitoes that carry diseases such as the West Nile Virus. In addition, the City of Detroit is experiencing an overwhelming problem of blight which violators are taking advantage of.

We support regulatory change that leads to improvement in the industry. We have established a processing system to reuse such disposables into marketable products. The Phoenix Tire Processing & Manufacturing plant utilizes disposed tires through the use of a pyrolysis system. Pyrolysis is formally defined as chemical decomposition induced in organic materials by heat and the absence of oxygen. Pyrolysis is a thermal process that transforms organic materials into gases and solid residues.  
This method of manufacturing is a clean air environmentally friendly process. The output of these disposed products are carbon black, reprocessed oil and steel.  

Phoenix Processing & Manufacturing Corporation's goal is to enhance the State of Michigan, particularly in the City of Detroit in its efforts of ridding itself of the environmental devastation of blight discords, while improving the quality of life for its residents and upgrading property values in the surrounding areas.